The Catholic Students’ Union is made up of three full-time Catholic chaplains who serve the needs of the students at the society, as well as an elected group of students who form the CSU Committee.


The Chaplains


Chaplains (from left to right): Lilian, Fr. Dermot, and Fr. John


Fr. Dermot Morrin

Parish Priest and Chaplain

Hailing originally from Ireland, Fr Dermot studied in Dublin, Rome and Oxford before becoming prior of St Dominic’s in London. Having moved to Edinburgh in 2009, he served originally as Bursar to the Priory before being appointed Prior of the community.

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Fr. John O’Connor

Assistant Chaplain

Fr John is from Ireland. Studies. Edinburgh.

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Lilian Lee

Lay Chaplain

Lilian Lee, an architectural graduate turned social entrepreneur, is the founder of Fourth World Art and Ministry of Seekers. Having completed her architectural degree at the University of Edinburgh, she returned four years later to pursue her MBA. The motivator behind this was after Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, after which she spent 3 months designing architectural responses to help post disaster rebuilding and identified that business was what Haiti needed to help rebuild. This was the foundation of Fourth World Art, Lilian’s personal and continued response in helping Haiti, whilst opening opportunities to source and support other crisis stricken communities worldwide.

Lilian, an adopted Scot, was born in Hong Kong and at the age of 1, her family emigrated to Singapore. Being a cradle Catholic, Lilian only really truly found her personal Faith when she was a member of the Catholic Students Union at Edinburgh. Post university, she remained in Edinburgh and because of the lack of provisions for young adult ministry, founded the Ministry of Seekers, an independent Catholic young adult ministry serving city centre Catholic parishes that foster faith and fellowship to young professionals.

In Lilian’s spare time she competes for and represents the Meadows City Tennis Club, and also has a passion for photography, travel and good food.

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The Committee

President – Madeleine Marshall-Roth

4th Year History and Politics
Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia
Favourite Saint: St. Gianna Beretta Molla
Activities outside the CSU: Baking unhealthy food
Favourite Authour: Rosemary Wells

                             Treasurer -Elaine Tsui

2nd Year English Literature and History
Hometown: Singapore 
Favourite Bible Passage: John 10:10 
Activity outside the CSU: Drawing, reading, and rock climbing
Favourite Food: Sushi

Secretary – Gabriela Goralczyk

3rd Year Mathematics
Hometown: Częstochowa, Poland
Favourite Book of the Bible:Book of Ruth
Activities outside the CSU: Crocheting, embroidering, writing, playing music, swing dancing, and baking
Favourite Food: Polish Silesian dumplings with beef stew

                             Publicity – Rachel Lee

3rd Year Intermedia Art 
Hometown: Hong Kong 
Favourite Saint: St. Anthony of Padua 
Activites outside the CSU:Drawing, reading, watching films, and practicing yoga   
Favourite food: Anything with mint!   


Ordinary Members

Sania Lewis

2nd Year Physics
Hometown: Durham, United Kingdom
Favourite Saint: St. Anthony
Activity outside the CSU: Reading books and watching Star Trek
Favourite Food: Chicken biryani

                                                  Benedict Harris

4th Year History
Hometown: Caistor, Lincolnshire
Favourite Saint: St. Blaise
Activity outside the CSU: Swing Dancing
Favourite Genre of Music: Jazz

Rosie Milne

3rd  Year Architecture
Hometown: Lincoln, United Kingdom
Favourite Saint: St. Pope John Paul II
Activities outside the CSU: Guitar, baking, dowloading fonts, listening to John Mayer, Youth 2000
Favourite Book: The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis 

                                                                                                                                                                   Merita Withanage

3rd Year Mathematics with Finance 
Hometown: Tredegar, Wales 
Favourite Saint: St. Joseph
Activity outside the CSU: Baking 
Favourite Food: Pizza!